A letter to a friend!

There comes a phase in life when you feel neglected and ignored. Suddenly, there is melancholy in the wind and sorrow in the surroundings. You have a sense of sinking into the pool of Weltschmerz. It’s not bad to expect but when expectations are not met, life feels to be at low ebb. Dear friend, if you would not have been there I would not have ever come out of my somber mood. Where you have been the source of inspiration in my halcyon days, you always lent your sympathetic ears to my problems. We spent days together sharing our joys and sorrows. Not seeing each other even for a single day, ended up sending a message saying “I missed you”. Though, we often meet now, but we are always a phone call away. I feel beautiful, simply because I have you in my life. I can be myself when I’m with you. I can act stupid because I know I will not be judged by my actions. I know I will not be judged in any manner. The moments we spent together will always be cherished. You have a simple and beautiful soul that will always spread happiness. Love you!

Yours lovingly,



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