Unforgettable Memories of Havelock!!

Since I have started this blog to share my travel stories, here is one from my archives…


Sunset at Havelock

Sunset is the opening music of the night.

Of all the very few places which I have visited till now, Havelock   Island remains closest to my heart! It  is a beautiful island within the Andaman group of Islands. The only way to reach there  from Port Blair is by a steamer or a ship. It takes around 2 hours on ship to reach Havelock from Port Blair.  On reaching Havelock Island, you will be greeted through its green alleys.

 Even the travel sites and agents have some great deals for the place. Few of my friends have just been there for their honeymoon. (Yes! the place is also famous among newly the weds.)

I have some very fond memories of this place. The sunset at Havelock stirred a connection in me for  the mystic natural beauty of the place.

Andaman being closer to Chennai from one side and Kolkata from the other, so it happens to have dwellers from both Tamil Nadu and Bengal region.  I remember learning my very first Bengali word “Bhalo” from a little Bengali girl aboard the ship. She only spoke Bengali and while I was trying to understand what she meant,  her mother intervened to explain the meaning of the word. The incident would be remembered by me through out my life. This was the day when I felt in love with my surroundings. The fiery red colour of sky stirred all sorts of romantic emotions in me. Being there was bliss indeed!

Sunset at Havelock

Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us!

Sunset at Havelock

In silence I looked at the sunset and thought about God.

Sunset at Havelock

I long to get lost, inside the evening-twilight.

I meet “me” in the time between sunset and darkness.

I meet “me” in the time between sunset and darkness.


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  1. Sharad Shankar
    May 29, 2014 @ 11:30:05

    My first read on Andaman .. I hope this place has something to offer for some travelers as well and not just couples 😛


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