Memories of 2014!

I will mark 2014 as the traveling year of my life. Yes! I took advantage of every damn holiday that made up for a long weekend. It started in February with Orchha, a small quaint town in Madhya Pradesh. It welcomed us with rich history of Bundela Kingdom. The simplicity of people of Orchha filled me with more kindness. The waving of kids with big smiles can never be forgotten. Walking with faith on an unknown road in a dark night without any light, cycling through forest, watching the setting sun at the river side, eating home made food at a home stay are few memories of Orchha that are going to remain with me forever.

Courtyard of Jahangir Mahal

Courtyard of Jahangir Mahal

The second trip was a #roadtrip to Taj, symbol of love. Agra! It is. The journey was more beautiful than the destination itself. It was my first encounter with Yamuna Express Highway. I just love being on road. The bad room at hotel, rudeness of the hotel owner and the scorching sun of summers are the reasons why I didn’t write about the Agra trip. This trip made me believe that destination can turn out to be a disaster or a beautiful memory. But it is the journey and the company that is going to make it memorable. No matter what! This trip will always remain with me in my memories.

Symbol of Love - Taj

Symbol of Love – Taj

Triund Valley

Triund Valley! Pic Courtesy – Asad Abdin

The third trip was again a #roadtrip to Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh. Aah!! This place has so much to offer to travelers. In this tech savvy world of ours, the first thing that comes to my mind on hearing Mcleodganj is “free wi-fi connection” at every hotel, every restaurant and at every single café. And the second thing is the breath taking view of Triund. The memories of climbing the stairs from the hotel to reach the main street of the town and gulping coffee and finger licking cakes fills me with joy :). The otherwise easy trek to Triund was difficult for us. And it taught me “never give up” spirit to reach the goal. Reaching valley of Triund filled me with inner joy and left me self contented.


The next trip was to the blue city of Rajasthan, Jodhpur. This place made me experience the beauty of rising sun. It taught me the importance of being an early riser. The grandeur of Mehrangarh Fort left us awe struck.   The view of city immersed in light at night was soothing to eyes. Walking on streets at night and singing songs with friends made me realize the importance of #craziness in one’s life. The craziness in life will keep you young when the stress in life is taking your youthfulness from you.

_DSC0775 copy

The 5th trip of the year! #roadtrip to Amritsar, Shimla, Mashobra and Kufri. 5 days of #awesomeness. Driving on highway, eating at roadside dhaba, drinking cutting tea, what else would a traveler want? Diwali is most auspicious festival of India; people take leaves and come home during this time. But I was adamant to go to Amritsar during this time. Friends called me crazy and stupid, still I wanted to go. The best thing is that my parents always supported me in whatever I did. So I was sure that this year I have to go to Amritsar on Diwali, even if I have to make a solo trip. Thanks to my friends Joy and Asad, who have been my partners in all the trips and were there in this trip too :). The faces of people in faith at Golden Temple were glowing with the tranquility that the place offers to every person who is on that sacred land. The lighting of crackers in the dark night, lighted oil lamps, happiness of festival enchanted me from within. Gorging on aloo de paranthe at Kesar with malai vali lassi with besties, walking on the narrow alleys of Ambarsar (as called by the locals) taking care of each other as a family cannot be obliterated. Now when I think of all these moments, I feel had I not listened to my heart at that time, I would have missed that moment of being there at Amritsar. Throughout my life, Diwali of 2014 will flashback with all that lighting, sparking light in my life to pursue my dreams. Gosh! I have written so much about this trip and this is just the start. Driving at night with no lights, no people on road but Google map, I was scared out of my wits. Putting all our faith in the friend who was driving, I evoked all Gods and started chanting prayer (I’m known for doing that :)). Deep in my heart I prayed God to let us see the morning sun cheerfully. I had never been so happy on seeing the first light of the day. I realized how blessed our lives are. We are alive. Alive! To follow our dreams, but we tend to ignore that call and keep carrying the load of our mundane life on our little shoulders. Anyways! We breathed in Himalayas, Shimla. With the help of an agent, we managed to book 2 rooms with perfect view of snow clad mountains. We just lazed around in Shimla, tried street food, and strolled on Mall Road “without” our camera. Yes! In all the trips we were enthuse to click pictures but in this trip we were living the moment of togetherness. Couples holding hands and walking on the streets were like love was blossoming on the streets. The line by a Sardar Uncle there – “tin jagah ghar banana New Delhi, New Shimla and Ney York” (I will build 3 houses at New Delhi, New Shimla and New York) even today brings grin to our faceJ. Breakfast near hills, sipping tea with Mountain View, time spent at river side, rides at amusement park near Kufri, horse riding, eating burger and maggi, life was beautiful there. The coffee at Honey Hut in Shimla is the best coffee I ever had. Coffee was simple, but it was the moment that made it special and best :). We only rambled on Mall road in Shimla and enjoyed each other’s company. Yes!! We were not photographers but travelers. I realized the importance of falling in love.


Diwali Night at Amritsar – *Bliss*

The next trip was a kind of solo trip to Bangalore. Exploring a new city on my own gave me a different and a new experience. It gave me confidence to travel alone. And also, I strongly felt the need to listen to one’s inner call. Whenever I spoke with a stranger or someone tried to get into my personal space, I could sense it much before, and maintained distance. It was an amazing trip and made me realize how important it is to have someone waiting for you back at home.

Two men and a cat

Two men and a cat

Rab - Painting by Rajeev Birdi :)

Rab – Painting by Rajeev Birdi 🙂

Only these trips don’t define my life in 2014. Life in 2014 has been a roller coaster ride. There have been many highs and many lows. Some days were like as if magic swirled around me and some days were like as if someone created voodoo around me. Someone broke up and someone became good friends. There were some happiest moments and some guilt moments. Every time, I managed to ride through the storm with more strength.

I was introduced to art, science and history. The topics I hated during my school time, created curiosity in me to know more about things around me. I also learned not to watch movies merely for entertainment but also observe them for direction, videography and music. Frankly! I’m still unable to do that. I was also introduced to country music. I read my first traveling book in 2014 :).

I started blogging in this year and I’m thankful to my friend who always helped me in my writings. She is a pure source of inspiration as well as encouragement for me.

And 2014 is the year when I received the best Birthday Gift ever. Rab’s (Rabindranath Tagore) painting. Had this man be alive? I would have spent my life at Shantiniketan.

“No subject is terrible if the story is true, if the prose is clean and honest, and if it affirms courage and grace under pressure.”

Thank you everyone!!


Full Moon!!

December and Full Moon

December and Full Moon

Night is adorned with full moon
Queen of night have dispersed its fragrance
Chilling wind of December awakes my senses
Silence of night is making music in my ears
Everything is just reminding me of you
I look at the moon for an answer
It shines and says, it’s love my dear!
Heart smiles! Face glows!
I said – If it is love, it has to be True Love!

What is more haunting?

They say Monday Blues
Haunt Us
Its Monday today
Sitting in my office
I’m unable to understand
What is more haunting?
Monday Blues, or
Your Memories…