Horticulture Show, IARI

Every year during February, Horticulture Show is organised in IARI (Indian Agriculture and Research Institute). It’s a 3 days event where varieties of flowers from all over India are put on display. These  include hybrids  too and, if interested, you can also get to know about their cultivation. Organic fruits and vegetable are also on display. Their various sizes and images will leave you amaze.

I have very fond memories of this show. As this place is near to my place and visiting it has been like a routine every year. Here are few pictures from the show.










A soul of a wanderer!

Hers is a soul of a wanderer,
That wandered in dreams too.

Dreams of far off lands,
Dreams of deserts, covered with sand.

Dreams of climbing mountains and alpines
Dreams of forests, and see the roots entwine.

Dreams of sleeping on mother earth, sky high above,
Dreams of finding one true love.

Dreams of walking on unknown roads,
Dreams of sea, and see the shore erode.

She longs for sunrise in her dreams,
Dreams of silent sunset! Ignoring all scream.

Dreams of stars and shine,
Dreams of big beaming smile.

Dreams of being strong and do not wither,
Dreams of being as soft as a feather.

Dreams of flying like a bird,
Dreams of vast sky, and longs to swirl.

Dreams of being in wild,
Dreams of being like a child.

Dreams of burning wood and fire,
A heart that is full of desires.

Dreams of not fame or glory,
But someday, writing one perfect story.

Hers is a soul of a wanderer,
That wandered in dreams too.