HAMPI.. where ruins whisper ‘Tales of Glory’

A great travelogue on Hampi by dear friend!

Sharad Shankar. Fotografi

Hampi ~ City of Mystical Ruins

Ride of a lifetime – Train journey: Mumbai – Guntakal – Bellary – Hospet

3 days of extended weekend, not going home for Holi and a trip anywhere long overdue; all three reasons narrowed down to one thing ~ backpacking to Hampi. Tuesday morning, I reached office early, booked train tickets on tatkal (only planned part of this trip) and the next evening I was at Dadar station waiting to board Chennai Express – expecting to meet Meenamma (no, I am not a SRK fan). Rather, I had a company of 20 odd noisy gujjus going to Tirupathi realising such wonders only happen in the reel-world.

Thanks to my ‘Travel Light’ philosophy, I had to spend a sleepless, quivering night for not carrying a blanket which was much needed when the train was cruising through the Western Ghats at night. Early morning when I, somehow, managed to get some sleep…

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