G is for Gökotta!!

G Today’s alphabet is G and my word for the challenge is gökotta. Whenever I get time I hop on to various travel sites searching for unexplored places or surfing sites in search of new words. Basically, I surf net to feed something informative to my tiny grey matter.

I’m an early riser and I love watching the sun coming up. The view of breaking of dawn gives me good vibes and energy to spend my day with full zeal. As I walk down the narrow lanes of Indian Agriculture and Research Institute for morning walk, I hear chirping of birds. Listening to chirping of birds at breaking of dawn is a bliss.

Courtesy - Google

Courtesy – Google

One day I was hopping various sites and came across a word called – gökotta. It is a Swedish word which means “the act of rising early in the morning to hear the birds sing at sunrise and appreciate nature”. What a marvelous word to describe the first feeling of every day.


So who is an early riser and enjoys dawn picnic? Who enjoyed gökotta today?


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  1. stephen tremp
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 01:27:25

    I would have guessed gokotta was a meal. I learned something new today. Thanks!

    Stephen Tremp
    an A-Z Cohost
    @StephenTremp on Twitter


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