L is for Letter!!

LThough it’s 26th April today, and it’s a no alphabet day today. Due to my work schedule, I have missed lots of alphabets. So, I will try to attempt missed out words today. I choose alphabet ‘L’, and word is ‘Letter’. Even in this techie world of ours, I prefer letters over emails. Letters have always remained close to my emotions. No matter how bad the handwriting is, no matter how bad the grammar is, but the emotions or words poured out on a piece of paper are priceless. Moreover, the letters received can be kept as treasures. And when someday, in the lower layer of your cupboard, beneath your clothes, you find an old letter written by someone special, it makes your day.

Letters are special. But this one is more special as Zafirah has written this letter to herself.

25th April 2014

Dear Zafirah,

I’m writing this letter to myself. Why am I writing it? I don’t know. May be I wanted to write it to someone to share something. So I decided to be that someone myself. Kabir and I know each other from 5 years, and it’s  been 3 years of friendship. I always have cherished each and every moment of togetherness. Not even a single day passes when I have not thought of him. I have explored new places with him. We have enjoyed savoring different food.  Still something was missing in our relationship. Till date I’m not able to make out what is missing. But something is missing. Whenever I visited mosque with him, I prayed only and only for his success and our togetherness. Togetherness! a word which is not just a word but my world with him. A word that is just a word for Kabir. I don’t know what I mean to him but I have admired him from the first day I saw him. And with every passing day, I have loved him even more. Many times, I have told this to Kabir and I have always got a loud laughter in return. A laughter that is sweet because he is smiling but painful because he is making fun of my feelings.

Anyways what he has done or what he does, doesn’t matter! Because I have and will always forgive him. I have and will always pray for his success. I’m heart broken today. And I want to take a decision for myself. But damn! it’s so tough for me. It’s like giving your life. Yes, traveling is dream of my life. I want to travel, meet people, capture moments and write stories. I started traveling with him or you can say we have traveled together. I always made a point not to travel without him. But today for myself, I want to take this decision. I cannot think of traveling without him. So I decided to quit traveling, at least for sometime. Aah! I know heart aching decision for me. There’s a drop of tear on the keypad. I know this decision will not matter to him. But I will keep praying for his success always and always.





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