An Encounter With Nida Fazli!

It was a fine Sunday! I woke up to the sound of rain drops on the window pane. What a relief rain brings to a scorching earth! I opened a newspaper, as I sipped a cup of hot coffee. I usually read headlines and then the matter, only if the headline interests me 😛 Turning pages of the newspaper, I stumbled upon a headline “All that will be left unsaid-The pleasures and pain of watching Masaan”. I knew Masaan was a new bollywood movie that was released last Friday. So  I decided to give it a read. The article was interested, but what interested me was the mention of Urdu poetry used in movie. I now had got the task for the day! I then downloaded and watched the movie. It is a beautiful movie, Indeed! And I was introduced to Nida Fazli’s poetry. So the task for the coming week was to explore Nida Fazli’s poetry, a name that was unknown to me a day before.

I listened to many of his ghazals, mushaira’s and poetry on youtube. I got stuck on two lines from one of his poem and a story behind these two . And this story is the only reason for this post. Lines are as –

घर से मस्जिद है बहुत दूर चलो यूँ कर लें
किसी रोते हुए बच्चे को हँसाया जाये

A mosque is afar from our place, instead
Let’s go and make a weeping child smile

How beautifully Nida has written these lines. So the story behind these lines is – He had written these lines after the Bombay riots in 1992. He read the poem in a gathering in Mumbai. When he left the place and came out, some so called religious people gheraoed him and asked him the meaning of the above two lines in his poem. They asked him – “what do you want to say? Is a child bigger than a mosque?” Nida replied to there question  by saying – “I don’t know whether a child is bigger or a mosque is bigger. What I know is, that a mosque is created by a man, and a child is God’s creation”. What a lovely reply and a thought! No doubt, society needs many more people like Nida.