My Delhi!

Come, hold my hand
Let me take you through the rise of my morning
Where this world be our theater and Sun our spectator
You’ll be the music and I’ll sit upon your lips as a morning song
Together, we’ll create our happy mornings forever.

Come, hold my hand
Let me take you through the strings of my golden afternoon
Where we’ll amble in Lutyens Delhi,
gazing at colonial architecture from the times of British Empire
We’ll then rest in green oasis of Lodhi Garden, under the yellow laburnums
Escaping the gridlocked delirium of the city
Together, we’ll weave our afternoons in golden memories.

Come, hold my hand
Let me take you through the orange hues of my evening
We’ll walk on the charcoaled roads of Connaught Place, heart of Delhi
We’ll then take a stroll along the Shahjahan’s walled city
Savor the scrumptious delicacies in the alleys of Chandni Chowk,
When sun will be leaving, and minarets of Jama Maszid will have lit,
We’ll sink in the echoes of Azaan, dominating the surrounding noise.
Together, we’ll make our evening blissful and beautiful

Come, hold my hand
Let me take you through my favorite part of the day
We’ll stand near the window and behold the moon
We’ll tune into radio and listen to late night romance
We’ll dance to old numbers and do some jazz
You can read me the English translations of Rabindranath Tagore
I’ll read you verses of Amrita Pritam and Gulzar
Together, we’ll make our nights soulful.

Together, we’ll make our togetherness purposeful!



My soul met your soul
As poet discern words for his poem
We met like torn pieces of our past
For the happiness that will forever last
The long evening walks, and purple haze
Orange hues of sunset, and your gaze
Warm hugs on winter nights
The prolonged kiss till the twilight
Soft smile of your eyes beneath your glasses
We were different than masses
Our stars were meant to meet
And become a galaxy
Our hearts were meant to meet
To become the Universe!

Tryst With Love!

I asked LOVE,
What is Love?

It smiled and said –

I am the Bliss that lies in knowing the Truth.
I am the Rainbow that is formed by reflection and refraction of light in water droplets.
I am the Petrichor that accompanies the first rain on parched Earth.
I am a Dew drop on leaves that marks a new beginning every day.

I am one’s Satisfaction that arises on giving a helping hand.
I am the Mother’s warmth for her child.
I am the Tender touch of a Father.

I am a Book for a reader.
I am a Pen for a writer.
I am a Poem for a poet.
I am an Imagination for a story teller.

I am everything,
But not the pleasure you get from materialistic things.

I fill your heart with more LOVE,
Eradicating all the hatred in you.

Realization of TRUE LOVE will make you more humble, kind and patient towards LIFE.

An Encounter With Nida Fazli!

It was a fine Sunday! I woke up to the sound of rain drops on the window pane. What a relief rain brings to a scorching earth! I opened a newspaper, as I sipped a cup of hot coffee. I usually read headlines and then the matter, only if the headline interests me 😛 Turning pages of the newspaper, I stumbled upon a headline “All that will be left unsaid-The pleasures and pain of watching Masaan”. I knew Masaan was a new bollywood movie that was released last Friday. So  I decided to give it a read. The article was interested, but what interested me was the mention of Urdu poetry used in movie. I now had got the task for the day! I then downloaded and watched the movie. It is a beautiful movie, Indeed! And I was introduced to Nida Fazli’s poetry. So the task for the coming week was to explore Nida Fazli’s poetry, a name that was unknown to me a day before.

I listened to many of his ghazals, mushaira’s and poetry on youtube. I got stuck on two lines from one of his poem and a story behind these two . And this story is the only reason for this post. Lines are as –

घर से मस्जिद है बहुत दूर चलो यूँ कर लें
किसी रोते हुए बच्चे को हँसाया जाये

A mosque is afar from our place, instead
Let’s go and make a weeping child smile

How beautifully Nida has written these lines. So the story behind these lines is – He had written these lines after the Bombay riots in 1992. He read the poem in a gathering in Mumbai. When he left the place and came out, some so called religious people gheraoed him and asked him the meaning of the above two lines in his poem. They asked him – “what do you want to say? Is a child bigger than a mosque?” Nida replied to there question  by saying – “I don’t know whether a child is bigger or a mosque is bigger. What I know is, that a mosque is created by a man, and a child is God’s creation”. What a lovely reply and a thought! No doubt, society needs many more people like Nida.



A soul of a wanderer!

Hers is a soul of a wanderer,
That wandered in dreams too.

Dreams of far off lands,
Dreams of deserts, covered with sand.

Dreams of climbing mountains and alpines
Dreams of forests, and see the roots entwine.

Dreams of sleeping on mother earth, sky high above,
Dreams of finding one true love.

Dreams of walking on unknown roads,
Dreams of sea, and see the shore erode.

She longs for sunrise in her dreams,
Dreams of silent sunset! Ignoring all scream.

Dreams of stars and shine,
Dreams of big beaming smile.

Dreams of being strong and do not wither,
Dreams of being as soft as a feather.

Dreams of flying like a bird,
Dreams of vast sky, and longs to swirl.

Dreams of being in wild,
Dreams of being like a child.

Dreams of burning wood and fire,
A heart that is full of desires.

Dreams of not fame or glory,
But someday, writing one perfect story.

Hers is a soul of a wanderer,
That wandered in dreams too.

An ode to Ma Baba!!

An ode to Ma Baba!

There is a warmth in Ma’s hug,
And there is a sense of protection in Baba’s touch.
On achievement, Ma hugged me tightly,
Baba remained silent and smiled slightly.
On failure, Ma wiped my tears,
Baba helped me to come out of my fears.
Sometimes I came back home with shattered hopes,
Ma mended my broken heart with her love,
Baba built my hope with his words.
Ma got worried when I told her about my solo traveling,
Baba supported me to follow my dreams.
I might have a brittle day, and nothing seem right,
Ma Baba made sure I sleep with ease at night.
Ma taught me to be humble and kind,
Baba taught me to be strong and not lose my mind.
They helped me to raise my mind above daily strife,
I’m thankful to them for every moment of my life.
I’m nothing! But Ma’s love and Baba’s trust.

Note – Ma means Mother and Baba means Father.

Life – A Painting!

I decide,
And let me describe
A painting called LIFE

I and you belong to this universe
Everyone having its own Canvas

Colour given by thy,
Painter of our LIFE

Strokes on canvas
Turns out to be moments

As strokes cannot be washed off
These moments once written, cannot be remoulded

Good or bad, we connect to them
And, at times, we reminisce those moments

The painting has all elements in it
The green grass,
The clouds,
The wind,
The sky,
The fire,
The hills,
The ups and downs

For a bystander, our painting might be weird
But for the creator, His every painting is as special and as precious as others.

The quintessence of Life – as a painting is
Having different colours but being His Creation

Full Moon!!

December and Full Moon

December and Full Moon

Night is adorned with full moon
Queen of night have dispersed its fragrance
Chilling wind of December awakes my senses
Silence of night is making music in my ears
Everything is just reminding me of you
I look at the moon for an answer
It shines and says, it’s love my dear!
Heart smiles! Face glows!
I said – If it is love, it has to be True Love!

Fourteenth October Two Thousand Fourteen!

Fourteenth October, Two Thousand Fourteen,
Nature is changing it’s mood.

From warmth of sun in the morning,
Slumber now breaks with cool breeze.

The delayed dawns and early dusk,
Giving friends enough reason to carouse.

Lovers will have chance to hold hands,
Sit by fire, and talk till dawn breaks.

Time when Christmas bells will be heard,
New Year resolutions will be made.

I too have my own reasons of happiness,
Slouching in my chair,
I’ll have uncountable coffee dates with myself.

The Unspoken Words!

I step in to my comfort zone,
As I lie down in my bed.

The silk sheet rubbing against my body,
As I turn myself towards the window.

The moon’s luminance lights up the room,
As your presence lighten up my moments.

I look at the moon and think of you,
Hoping you are too thinking of me.

Though the silence of night gives calmness to the soul,
But the voices of unspoken words perturb my heart.

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