Efflux of emotions and words!

She and Stars!

She and Stars!


An ode to Ma Baba!!

An ode to Ma Baba!

There is a warmth in Ma’s hug,
And there is a sense of protection in Baba’s touch.
On achievement, Ma hugged me tightly,
Baba remained silent and smiled slightly.
On failure, Ma wiped my tears,
Baba helped me to come out of my fears.
Sometimes I came back home with shattered hopes,
Ma mended my broken heart with her love,
Baba built my hope with his words.
Ma got worried when I told her about my solo traveling,
Baba supported me to follow my dreams.
I might have a brittle day, and nothing seem right,
Ma Baba made sure I sleep with ease at night.
Ma taught me to be humble and kind,
Baba taught me to be strong and not lose my mind.
They helped me to raise my mind above daily strife,
I’m thankful to them for every moment of my life.
I’m nothing! But Ma’s love and Baba’s trust.

Note – Ma means Mother and Baba means Father.

Life – A Painting!

I decide,
And let me describe
A painting called LIFE

I and you belong to this universe
Everyone having its own Canvas

Colour given by thy,
Painter of our LIFE

Strokes on canvas
Turns out to be moments

As strokes cannot be washed off
These moments once written, cannot be remoulded

Good or bad, we connect to them
And, at times, we reminisce those moments

The painting has all elements in it
The green grass,
The clouds,
The wind,
The sky,
The fire,
The hills,
The ups and downs

For a bystander, our painting might be weird
But for the creator, His every painting is as special and as precious as others.

The quintessence of Life – as a painting is
Having different colours but being His Creation

Full Moon!!

December and Full Moon

December and Full Moon

Night is adorned with full moon
Queen of night have dispersed its fragrance
Chilling wind of December awakes my senses
Silence of night is making music in my ears
Everything is just reminding me of you
I look at the moon for an answer
It shines and says, it’s love my dear!
Heart smiles! Face glows!
I said – If it is love, it has to be True Love!

The Unspoken Words!

I step in to my comfort zone,
As I lie down in my bed.

The silk sheet rubbing against my body,
As I turn myself towards the window.

The moon’s luminance lights up the room,
As your presence lighten up my moments.

I look at the moon and think of you,
Hoping you are too thinking of me.

Though the silence of night gives calmness to the soul,
But the voices of unspoken words perturb my heart.

The Memory Lane!

Moonlight lights the street,
I go wandering in the memory lane,

You and I were together,
In the crowded city lanes, walking
Hand in hand.

People walking by our side,
Lost in that moment,
I couldn’t see anyone.

You believed in my crazy dreams,
Looking into your eyes,
I got the courage to follow my dreams.

I looked at the moon and smiled,
You looked at me and smiled,
Like others, you didn’t call me insane.

You turned me towards you,
Caressing me, you came closer, and
Whispered “Let’s travel together” in my ear.

I was frozen, time stopped,
There were many things to say,
But I only hugged you,
Letting the silence of that night, dissolve in the moonlight.


Sitting on the edge of Mehrangarh’s wall,
the sight of breaking of dawn,
takes me to the state of Euphoria.

The moon and the stars, wrapped in the clouds,
the city lit up with the lights in the houses,
the celestial horizon changing it’s color.

The morning breeze touches my face,
soothing my slumbering eyes,
giving hope to my crazy dreams.

Slowly the sun rises up,
as Phoenix rises up from its ashes,
dispersing the scent of first blush of morning.

The rooster crows, to mark the birth of a new day.
People sleeping on the terrace, wake up from their sleep.
The great Mehrangarh Fort is now clear to the eyes.

As the sun shines, I play John Denver’s “sunshine”,
it makes me happy, sunshine almost always makes me high.
The turmoil in my mind, feels the peace.

Sunrise gives me the strength to forgive and forget.
It gives me the power to take decisions and not regret.
It gives me the tenacity to deal with the daily strife.
It gives me the hope that everything will be alright.
It gives me the fortitude to endure pain with courage.
It fills empty chambers of my heart with more love.

It makes my belief more firm towards life.
It almost always makes me high…

A Hug!!

Safirah is a single child, raised in a joint family. Though she is a pampered child but she has been raised into a strong spirited girl. She had a carefree childhood and joyful adolescent years. She always had many people around her but deep inside she longed for a brotherly love.

Recently her eldest cousin got married. They have not talked much in recent years as he has moved to US. This is her favourite cousin; for two reasons. One, he is the eldest and secondly, he is the simplest.

The mere thought of traveling excites her. She is super excited today, with a big smile on her face, as she is going for a short trip. She packs her bags, gets ready and goes to the newly married couple to say bye. She hugs her sister-in-law(which is more like a sister now). Her brother comes forward, gives her a tight hug, blesses her by keeping his hand on her head. Tears roll down from her eyes. For a moment, she wants to cry out loud. But as of her nature, she controls her emotions and says bye with a big smile and a flying kiss.

Her longing for a brotherly love is satisfied with an emotional hug. Her heart is full of love.

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