Art of sharing

20160605_203908Lately, I’ve learned that everything we do is an art. There’s art in sleeping, talking, speaking, walking and in every action that we do. I’ve also come to believe that each of us as a human being is a piece of art in itself, created by the Supreme power. And we all are beautiful in our own way, irrespective of our shape, color and caste.

Of all the arts, I loved “Art of sharing” the most. I call it an art because it is not less than any art. It just not comes like this. Like all other arts, one needs to practice this art. Sharing may be anything; knowledge, time, money, food, just anything. In the process of sharing, you might feel hurt or betrayed. Don’t worry! Pain is temporary. Do not let anybody stop you from learning and growing. It might take a life time to learn how to share even when you’re hurt but continue to do it anyway. That is how you’ll emerge above all the shackles of hatred and that is what will make you feel alive. Hatred or jealousy kills you little by little. Being alive is a miracle! You’ve to love life and sharing is the most important part of it. I’m in process of learning this art and I hope that some years from now I could say that I’ve learned a little bit of it. 🙂


Mending Life With Gold!

I hanker for exploring the stuff. Whenever and wherever I get time, I get hooked to “Electronic Brain” kintsugiand start surfing the net for piling up the information in the stack of my brain. So I came across a word called “Kintsugi”. It’s a years old Japanese tradition of aggrandizing the damaged ceramic pots by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful. How true is that! All our life, we keep praying for our joys, keeping ourselves away from sorrows. Not realizing the paramount importance of our pain in shaping our personality and attitude. Life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. Don’t fear if it takes you down. Pain demands to be felt. I know this is easier said than done. But the best lessons of life are learned in pain. None of us are protected from the hardships of life. Everyone has a story to tell which has made the person stronger and confident.  Pain might be God’s own way of mending our lives with gold. So next time if you are in pain, don’t be afraid, be patient. Let thy fill your life with gold. And show the world, gleam of burnished gold, which will make your life more meaningful. More beautiful! Life is Beautiful!